Massage therapy

*All prices are subject to appplicable taxes.

Swedish Massage
30 min. : $55     1h: $80     1h30: $110

Massage technique that combines firmness and gentleness, which aims to release tensions and strengthen the muscles and joints. Its therapeutic effect will reduce stiffness, help you sleep better, and restore your body’s natural balance.

Californian Massage 
1h: $80     1h30: $110

This advanced massage technique promotes relaxation by targeting deep muscles and nerves. It efficiently relieves musculoskeletal joint pains in a pleasant and relaxing way. A massage for the entire body.

1h: $80     1h30: $110

Lomi-atsu is an approach that combines the best of two techniques: Lomi-lomi and Shiatsu. The purpose of this approach is to harmonize the flow of energy in the body and boost the body’s vitality. A very enveloping and relaxing massage.

Therapeutic Massage
1h: $90     1h30: $120

Precise and localized massage that aims to relieve muscular or joint pain.

Hot Stones Massage 
1h30: $130

Detoxifying massage in which heated stones are placed on specific points of the body or coated with massage gel and used as a massage tool to smooth or rub the skin. The heat emanating from the stones provides a unique and comforting sensory experience.

Polarity Care
1h: $80

This treatment, performed over clothing, rebalances and puts the body’s energy back into action. The practitioner places his hands in specific areas and exerts light pressure.

Cupping Therapy
1h: $90

This technique consists of increasing blood and lymphatic circulation through the use of suction cups. The objective is to create a suction effect that will promote decongestion and tissue mobility as well as the evacuation of toxins.

Chair Massage 
15 min. : $25     30 min. : $40

Massage while sitting on an ergonomic chair. It is a method without using oil and done over clothes. A few minutes are enough to give you relaxation and renewed energy.

Hindu Head Massage with Warm Oil
30 min. : $65

Massage of the head, neck and scalp with argan oil combined with essential oils that restores brightness and moisture to your hair.

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